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Repair Services

Repairing surgical instruments to perform or enhance their original function offers significant cost savings when compared with replacement.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can significantly extend the life of your instruments and reduce capital expenditure.

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Lifecycle Management

Our Management Solution covers all aspects of instrumentation from scopes & power tools right down to scissors & needle holders.

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Spare Parts & Assemblies

With the cost of new instruments on the rise, a cost effective alternative to a replacement is needed more than ever.

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Laser Marking & Colour Coding

Utilising the latest Laser Marking and Colour Coding Technologies, TIE provides comprehensive instrument identification solutions.

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Assessment Services

If you are wondering whether to repair or discard surgical instruments, TIE can provide a comprehensive assessment, often resulting in considerable savings.

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A Rich History. A Progressive Future.

Leaders in Instrument Repairs and Service

Established in 1987, the need for a strong, reliable, professional and customer focused surgical instrument service and repair company was greater than ever.

TIE has been delivering ever since.

Through over 30 years of research and development, listening to customer feedback and providing consistent and innovative solutions we have become the leaders in surgical instrument repairs, service and management Australia-wide.

Our commitment is unrivaled as we push for greater accountability and structured maintenance regimes for surgical instruments. We have the complete range of services and capacity to improve standards for all surgical facilities from day theatre’s, regional facilities to the iconic hospitals located in Australia’s major centers.

Stay at the Forefront of Surgical Instrument Technology

Our commitment has been second to none, and the quality unsurpassed.

A strong and progressive research and development stream has seen the introduction of revolutionary equipment, processes and systems into the healthcare industry.

With a ‘can do’ approach, and the commitment to drive continual improvement, TIE is not only a company with a rich history but also a company with a progressive future.

TIE’s underlying technology and commitment to progressing the industry through research and development has provided the foundations for a number of successful independent business entities.

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